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 Results based, not membership driven.

Are you having trouble finding a sustainable fitness routine? Do you struggle with your nutrition? As a member of FIT, you not only focus on your short term goals, but also being able to maintain these healthy habits for the long run.

Many other gyms may give you a generic “cookie cutter” program that everyone else receives. We understand you’re busy with your job, kids, and other commitments; we’ll work with you on creating a customized wellness plan tailored towards your individuals goals and fits your lifestyle routine.

We focus primarily on strength training geared towards fat loss, but also incorporate mobility/flexibility training, cardio conditioning, core stability/strengthening, and yoga. Teaching our clients sustainable eating habits instead of extreme, restrictive diets is one of our main priorities. Stress and sleep management can also impact your wellness goals and will be addressed.

If you’re ready to take the first step with your FIT program, please contact us to set up your initial consultation.