Yoga Schedule

Our GentleFIT class is a slower-paced, all-level class focused on finding relaxation through stretching and breathing.  In Gentle Yoga, you can expect to do standing postures, forward bends, and even low-impact backbends in addition to seated stretches.

Our PowerFIT class is an energetic, all-level Vinyasa (flow) class focused on building strength through connecting the breath to movement.  This is a powerful class which incorporates both flowing and holding poses. Each class is different and every practice is intended to leave you centered, grounded, refreshed. Beginners are welcome if you are used to physical movement. 
Our SculptFIT class is a high intensity, powerful class that incorporates Vinyasa flows, as well as the use of props such as light dumb bells, medicine balls, and resistance bands.

Y4C™ (yoga4cancer)
Our yoga4cancer™ class is a gentle yoga class that includes meditation, breathing exercises and yoga sequences designed for yogis both during and after cancer treatment. Classes are offered in increments of 4 class packs and include a free consultation session. All stages are welcome; however, drains resulting from recent surgery must be removed prior to practicing yoga. Chemotherapy ports, however, if properly healed, are safe. Students should have permission to exercise from their doctor.  


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