- Will


I was extremely active and participated in all sports. However I learned being active does not always equate to good health. September 6th, 1996 I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and at that moment my life changed forever. I quickly realized that while I was active I was also living like the rest of society, eating anything I wanted without regard to nutritional value. Because of my diagnosis, I became consumed with learning everything I could about living and eating healthy. This became my life’s passion.


I have a systematic approach and I am all in with my clients with 100% focus on you. I have a system of checks and balances that prove whether exercise is effectively enhancing your bodies movement or re-enforcing compensation. Each client has a different story and you will work together as a team to find the best method to make the lifestyle changes you need. The goal is to make realistic strides that stay programmed as a way of life. Everyone is different which is why my training style of accountability needs constant communication.
I believe that each person has their own individual story that has brought them to their current lifestyle situation. My aim is to assess every person thoroughly to determine what path to follow. A complete healthy lifestyle is the goal, combining the proper workout with educated food choices. Usually when someone completes their “diet”, they fall back into their old habits. Our culture is results driven, fun and designed to make you as passionate about your health as we are.

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