FIT 21 Day Challenge

The FIT 21 Day Challenge!

Ready to increase your flexibility, lose weight, get toned, and have fun doing it? 

The FIT 21 Day Challenge is a 3 week program that helps you accomplish goals, get your summer body ready, and offer you accountability! 

It is only $99 to take part in this program, and it starts on June 3rd, 2017 but it is limited to 40 participants, so don't wait!

What do you get?
- Access to 9 strength training classes per week! 
- Unlimited yoga sessions! 
- Increase flexibility and strength!
- Tone your body in time for summer!
- Monday:   5am  /  7pm
- Tuesday:   12pm  /  7pm
- Wednesday:   5am  /  7pm
- Thursday:   12pm  /  7pm
- Saturday:   10 - 11am
* Weekday classes are 30 mins, Saturday class is 1 hour

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