- Colt


Growing up in Pilot Point, TX, I played just about every sport there is to play. Despite how active I was as a kid it still didn’t keep me from being one of the bigger kids in my class. In high school I started on the offensive line, and towards the end of my junior year I started to realize that my weight was becoming a problem in the way I performed on an athletic level. Between my junior and senior years I was able to drop from 240 to 205 thus helping my mobility, making me even more of a terror on the field. I was finally able to move my weight around and be the best athlete I could be. After high school I tried to play college sports, after realizing they weren’t for me I started to gain weight once again. It wasn’t until after my freshman year and reaching my high school weight of 240 again I started to really get into my nutrition and training on a daily basis. I was able to drop down to 185 and have stayed around there ever since. I started to notice the difference in my body and how much better eating right and training made me feel and knew that helping people achieve what I had was what I wanted to do.


I like to start off with getting to know my clients inside the gym as well as out. We will sit down and create goals based off of your needs and my knowledge and to also teach you about what I know along the way. My goal as a trainer is to get you on board with the truth about training and nutrition, get you feeling better about yourself and making a lifestyle change for the best, leading you to a longer healthier lifestyle. While training with me we will discover together how fun eating and training really is and is not as scary as most people tell their selves it is. My overall goal is to get you healthy and feeling great about your days and just loving life!
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