Client Transformations

Client Transformations

Lucy Underwood

In August 2014, I had become disappointed in how I had been neglecting myself. I was bored, tired, and stressed. My eating and sleeping habits were terrible. I decided enough was enough. I did not recognize the woman that I had become.

FIT reminded me of my first gym. I reviewed the FIT website and carefully considered each coach. I made a call to a guy named Evan. After a little phone tag and a few questions, I agreed to a consultation. I vividly remember telling him as I pointed to my body, “This is not me…I do not know this person.”

One year and seven months have passed since I first walked into FIT. Much has changed in my life. I’m somewhat less shy; feel a bit more confident; and am physically stronger. FIT, including the coaches and friends, have been a wonderful support as I’ve made these changes in my life. I eat well, have a healthy sleep regime, and have eliminated much stress. So far I’ve lost over 40 pounds and a combined 15 inches in my waist and hips. Thank you to FIT and its members for getting my mojo back!

Cheryl Snekvik

“I have always struggled with my weight my entire life. I’ve tried every diet that is out there from NutriSystems to South Beach. I never had trouble losing weight once I set my mind to it, it was keeping it off that I gave me major issues. Towards the end of 2014, I went to my doctor for a physical, at that time I was diagnosed with diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. When I got home and looked at all my prescriptions, I knew I had to make some changes. At the beginning of 2015 I decided to start eating healthier, with that alone I dropped about 45lbs. However, I was still needing all of the medication and I still didn’t feel great. I kept seeing this FIT ad come up on my Facebook page and decided to check it out. So, my husband and I did the 21 Day challenge and LOVED it. I liked that they helped you keep your food on track and had someone holding you accountable.

Here I am, a year later and off all prescriptions. My doctor doesn’t even consider me a diabetic anymore because my A1C numbers are so low. I have learned so much from all of the guys at FIT as far as food, exercise and recovery. Basically, how my body works and what I need to do to keep it healthy. It’s not just about being active, it’s what you put in your body and taking care of your body, mind and soul. For me to WANT to be in the gym 5 days a week and 2 of the days being at 6:00 am, they must be doing something right!”

Keith Jensen

“It was the beginning of May 2015 and I had just turned 51, barely fit into a 3XL shirt, sported a 52 waist, weighed in at 328 and was back home for a short vacation to Washington D.C. where I huffed and puffed all around to see the sites.

The team at FIT guided me to the answer. Working with my coach Evan, I discovered that while I might have experience getting in shape, I needed to develop a “FIT mindset” in order to transform myself and live a fit and healthy lifestyle. I’m 6 months into my transformation and have been taught more than I could have ever imagined about food, all types of exercise, the importance of rest and recovery, and how to balance it all. Thanks to Evan I have been able to develop my FIT mindset and am on my way to living a fit and healthy lifestyle.”

As of 6 months at FIT:
· Pant size – 52 to 42
· Shirt size – tight 3XL to a loose XXL
· Lost total of 20 inches
· Down 41 pounds

Bridget Talley

“I never considered myself fat; I was tall, so I could gain 10 lbs and “hide” it. But when all my clothes were getting really tight and I was not happy when I looked in the mirror, I said “I need to make some changes!” I had seen FIT since they opened, but thought “I know how to workout, I’m athletic, I don’t need a personal trainer to get in shape and that’s expensive!” Call it a mid-life crisis, but I didn’t want to hit summer or my next birthday looking this way so I decided to give FIT a try. Evan assessed my diet and gave me a plan (educating me on making the correct choices and he actually INCREASED my carbs), but it was truly so fun and pretty easy to make the changes! Then the fat started melting away (down 15 lbs and 7% body fat) and the muscle started showing up! After two kids and back surgery, I can truly say I am in the best shape of my life thanks to my #FITFAMILY!”

James Pee

“I’ve been working out at FIT since they opened in 2013 and have been pretty consistent with my workout routine for a while. Evan had started talking to me about nutrition and improving my eating, but I figured I could be pretty casual about logging food while eating pretty much whatever I wanted since I was hitting the gym so hard. I love food and the last thing I wanted to do was go on a diet.

Things needed to change. The conversations shifted more about lifestyle change rather than dieting — and they made a lot of sense. He and I worked together to find something suitable that I could manage including eating my favorite foods. I started tracking my nutrition and he’d check up on things and give me some guidance. With these sustainable strategies, I was dropping body fat (35 lbs and counting) while having more effective workouts. Thank you to Evan and the FIT coaches.”

Jolene Cohoon

“I walked into FIT late October 2014 extremely frustrated. I had been working out 2 times a week with a group and treadmill running 4 to 5 times a week, yet I was at the heaviest weight I had ever been. I drilled Evan with questions. He gave me logical solutions that were real life obtainable.

I began training with Evan 3 times a week and began monitoring my diet daily. I increased good proteins and added missing fruits and veggies. 11 months later, here I am. As a mom of 4, my body has transformed by dropping 8% of my body fat, increasing my overall strength, and developing the muscles that were always hidden.

Consistency has been key! I’m almost to my goal and I’m going to keep working hard to meet it! Thanks to the FIT crew for encouraging me and giving me the guidance to reach my goals!

Carol Brummett

“I had previously lost over one hundred pounds during training before I met Evan, but put over forty back on because I did not understand how to make good food choices and was lackadaisical with my workout routine. After I began training with Evan, I was educated on more than just focusing on a certain amount of calories and that food quality was important. My exercise selection switched from machine based to a free weight and body weight approach. This resulted in me dropping to my lowest weight in 20 years and feeling amazing. Thank you to Evan and FIT for helping me turn my life around.”

Kelci Peterson

“Ever since I was a kid, I was overweight and really struggled with body image issues. From the time I was about eleven or twelve, I had already started going through phases where I tried out fad diets and “quick fix” exercise programs, but I could never find a program that worked for me, or one that I could stick with long term. I fluctuated between an “overweight” weight range for over 8 years and could never seem to get out of it.

After a particularly bad reaction to one of my meds, I finally decided it was time to take care of my health in a more holistic and effective way. That’s when I was introduced to the team at FIT. I made a commitment to the 21-day challenge and received incredible support and encouragement from the coaches as I continued to work out at FIT. Between the changes to my diet and finding an exercise program I could commit to, and that was showing real results, I’ve never felt better in my life. Not only have I been able to be more accepting of my body the way it is, I’ve also been able to manage my mental health without any medications. I’ve lost inches and hit the lowest weight I’ve been at in over 8 years, but I’ve also learned that the scale isn’t the most important factor in determining progress. The biggest area of improvement I received from FIT is the ability to make a life-long commitment to my health by learning sustainable habits for my overall wellness. I look forward to continuing to meet my goals from what I learned at FIT, and know I’ll continue to love my body more and more every single day.”

Keri Walsh

“I began training with Evan at 180lbs, 37% body fat and size 12. After only 5 months training with Evan, I lost 40lbs and dropped to size 4 at 19% body fat. He helped me through the initial challenging workouts, improve overall fitness, and change my eating habits completely. Training with Evan was the boost I needed to change my life, my confidence level and my happiness.”

Melanie Harris

“Will’s ability to inspire combined with his knowledge of weight training and nutrition just clicked for me and ultimately resulted in me losing 50 pounds and 33 inches.”

Morgan Montaño

“Evan’s ability to create an individualized program has truly encouraged me to invest the time and energy to focus on getting healthy.”

Stan Galanos

“Will has been a great motivator, and I have truly changed my life through fitness under his guidance. I was well over 300 pounds, with over 30% body fat when I began training with Will. Currently I weigh 240 pounds with under 20% body fat. Words cannot express how the weight loss has changed my life. I am much happier, and I will never go back to my old lifestyle.”

Renato Sagues

“When I started with Evan, I weighed 200 pounds at a body fat of 30% and a waistline of 40 inches. He taught me sustainable nutritional habits that helped me shed body fat along with gaining muscle mass. His workout programs were tough, but they helped me understand the correct way to exercise and took the guesswork out of training. After a year of training, my weight dropped to 185 pounds at 17% body fat. I was also able to fit back into my 32 inch jeans!”
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